Book Review

August Newsletter Book Review: The Girl from Everywhere

Review by Renee Gaylor

The Girl from Everywhere

by Heidi Heilig

ISBN13: 9780062380753

Published February 16th 2016 by Greenwillow Books

Hardcover, 464 pages

A time traveling pirate ship, a heartbroken captain, a dashing thief, a pocket dragon… add in a strong young woman trying to understand where she came from, as well as the story of her odd relationship with her father, and it’s a story begging to be finished.

The majority of the story takes place in 1880s Hawaii, where Nix, the captain’s daughter, was born, but she has spent her entire life traveling time and place aboard the pirate ship, sailing across centuries and fables. Nix’s life aboard the “Temptation”, crewed by a fascinating mix of characters who are more family to Nix than her father is, hasn’t prepared her for what she discovers when they pilot the ship into late 1800s Hawaii. Her father, Captain Slate, is obsessed with saving Nix’s mother in the past, and this time and place could mean the end to his quest, as well as the end of Nix.

While I don’t typically enjoy young adult books, or books in series, “The Girl From Everywhere” captured me with its delightful mix of history and fantasy, and keep me reading as Nix discovered herself, her history, and her father, as well as a very well-told love story (also not my usual fare, but here it was touching, and by the end I was cheering Nix for her choices)

The story painted vivid scenes of Hawaii, and plenty of magical fantastical creatures, and is populated with characters you’ll grow close to, and want more from. It’s a great standalone novel, with plenty of new story that could be told in the series, so whether, like me, you prefer your stories in one telling, or prefer multi-volume series to keep the story going, I think you’ll really enjoy “The Girl From Everywhere” by Heidi Heilig.

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