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August Newsletter Look at a famous author: Jules Verne

Jules Verne by 


Frances Armstrong

One of my favorite authors is Jules Verne. I have many favorite authors, but Jules Verne made me feel like I was there with him as he walked me through his story.

Jules Verne was born in Nates, France on February 8, 1828 and died in Amiens, France on March 24, 1905. He was trained to be a lawyer, but preferred writing as his real profession. After his death, his son Michel Verne over saw the publication of Invasion of the Sea and The Lighthouse at the End of the World.

One of the first Jules Verne books I read was Journey to The Center of The Earth. A fabulous book about overcoming the negativity of people and going with what you feel is right in your heart.

While the heroes of the story, Otto Lidenbrock, Axel and Hans are battling the natural hazards that they encounter at the center of the earth, I felt like I was there with them every step of the way. It was an adventure like no other.

Jules Verne’s other books are all the same way. He leaves you wondering how a man from the 1800’s could come up with the ideas he did. He talked about cars and flying to the moon in a space ship before they were made. Just comes to show what an imagination and a good quill with accomplish.



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