October Newsletter: The Wizarding World of Fort Stockton

The Wizarding World of Fort Stockton

by Frances Armstrong


People talk about not having anything to do in Fort Stockton. Well I must say that those that say this don’t really want to do anything. For instance, on September 1, 2018 The Wizarding World of Harry Potter made an appearance at The Garage Coffee, Music and More.

During the Wizarding World visit, many children and adults that felt the power in them were sorted into their appropriate houses. I have to say there were a lot of muggles that also came to visit the Wizards from Hogwarts just to see what their children that were sorted would be getting into. Those that were brave tried out the Bertie Bott’s Jelly beans and chocolate frogs.


Those that were brave enough to try them had a jelly bean tasting contest. Both wizards and muggles partook of this testing. It seems that a muggle won the jelly bean tasting contest, but ran away before anyone could get her name.


Many treasure hunts were conducted and only the brave few came away with the spoils. Magical beasts had to be outwitted and out run. Those that survived it, were handed the spoils of the night.

So if you ever find yourself without anything to do or bored, take a trip to The Garage, Coffee, Music and more and find a new adventure.

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