News from NaNoLand

November Newsletter: News from NaNoLand

National Novel Writers Month by Sarah Shuttleworth


In November of 2010 I saw someone post on Facebook about a writing chal- lenge he was participating in called NaNoWriMo. I’d heard about it before so I knew vaguely what it was. On a whim I looked up the site, made an account, and unknowingly started a journey that would change my life. On November 4th, 2010 I started writing a novel with no plot and no idea how to even write a novel. I posted about joining the challenge and to my delight I had friends in Fort Stockton who were participating. That month we got together several times and had a blast writing and encouraging each other. Once it was done we missed those writing sessions and wanted to do something to progress our writing all year round. Critique Cafe was born from that and has since become something very special to me. I look forward to all of our meetings and have met some amazing people through this group.

When November 2011 was getting close I saw an application to become a Municipal Liaison for the organization. I applied and was appointed as ML for the Elsewhere in Texas region. Since then I have organized meetings every year for our group. I’ve watched as we’ve grown from a couple of friends meeting in a living room to a writing family filling up a coffee shop. NaNoWriMo has become something I’m passionate about. My goal as an ML is to encourage as many people as I can along this writing journey. In the years since our local group has been participating we’ve written collectively over 2, 678, 000 words! Some of those words have gone on to be edited and published! I’m very proud of our group and very passionate about what NaNoWriMo can do for creative lives. So if you’ve ever thought that someday you’d like to write a novel, come join us. You won’t regret it


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