November Newsletter: Critique Café Author Publishes Christmas Novella

Critique Café Author Publishes Christmas Novella

Mistletoe Mix-up by Jody Bailey Day releases on Dec. 1 from White Rose Publishing, an imprint of the Pelican Book Group.

“Evan Edwards faces another lonely Christmas in the dorm. His mother is away on her fourth, or maybe it’s her fifth, honeymoon. A rain-soaked ad promising ‘free room and board in exchange for holiday decorating’ sends Evan to Candle, Tx. Although it’s not what the owner promised, he settles in with hopes of a cozy Christmas in a home. Things are not exactly right, as he deals with the beautiful neighbor across the street, and the shocking revelation that he’s been living in and decorating—the wrong house!

Review—”I love it!!! I felt like it was playing on the Hallmark channel as I was reading it. I could clearly see all the characters in my mind. Fantastic, can’t wait for more! Might of teared up a little.” J. Pearson

The book is available for pre-order for $2.99 and releases officially on December 1.


 Mistletoe Mix-Up by Jody Bailey Day available on Amazon

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