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December Newsletter Member Spotlight: Emily Davis

Member Spotlight: EMILY DAVIS19225002_1439553449435532_936992127432589442_n


Emily Walter – Is a 25 year old stay-at-home mom who lives in Fort Stockton but, is originally from Plains, TX. She grew up as a third generation farmer’s daughter. One of her hobbies is baking. She also loves writing, crocheting and, reading. She started writing at the age of 15, while still in high school. One day she picked up a pencil and a flood gate opened. Emily joined Critique Cafe in 2016, and writes mostly teen romance and sci-fi.


Spotlight Feature Article: Emily Davis—Christmas Eve

The crackle of a dying fire mixes with a light smell of pine. A hint of peppermint tickles my tongue as I take a sip of hot chocolate, the warmth spreading through me. The soft fleece blanket nestled across my lap carries the vibration of a purring cat. The moving tree branches draw my attention.

“Brandy, quit messing with the ornaments, I don’t want to find another one in my shoe like I did this morning.” I chuckled, causing the cat in my lap to shift. Brandy wandered off and I got back to petting Sabrina. The smell of vanilla wafts through the house as a timer goes off. Gently I nudge the cat off my lap and head to the kitchen trying to avoid stepping on Bran- dy as she bolts ahead. I pull the sugar cookies out of the oven, setting them on the table as Brandy and Kirk jump up to investigate.

“No, get down, these are not for you.” I shoo them off with a swat of my oven mitt. Set- ting down a bowl of milk, I head into the bedroom. I gather up my gifts for the family and place them under the tree, then turn to fill the cats little stockings with a few treats and toys. Heading back to the kitchen I pack up the cookies for the trip to my parents tomorrow, before settling back on the couch. Soon the three cats curl up with me. The fire crackles and the Christmas music that drifts softly from the television follows us to sleep on our first Christmas Eve together.

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