Fun Tidbits and Facts

December Newsletter Fun Tidbits and Facts

UnknownDecember 2018 Calendar of Events

December 3—Regular Critique Meeting at 6:00

December 17 —Critique Café Christmas Party @6:00


Did You Know?

Early in 1843, as a response to a government report on the abuse of child laborers in mines and factories, Dickens vowed he would strike a “sledge-hammer blow . . . on behalf of the Poor Man’s Child.” That sledge-hammer was
A Christmas Carol.



Things Heard at Meeting

“It makes your eyes light up, don’t it?”

“That explains us.”

“Some of us write fiction, Dad!”

“It was a fluzzy bur!”


Mission Statement – The mission of Critique Café Chatter is to spotlight the talents and writing efforts of the members of Critique Café Fort Stockton Area Writers Group. Contributing members of this newsletter hope to reach out to others with- in the community who enjoy creative writing and the literary arts. In the spirit of our sponsor H. Edward Petsch Arts and Music Memorial Fund, we are striving to stimulate the arts within the Fort Stockton, TX area.

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