January Newsletter Poetry Corner: Endings and Beginnings

Poetry Corner

Endings and Beginnings ~ Vea Anna Hooker

As this year draws to its close

and Champagne bubbles tickle my nose,

I pause to reflect on times easy and glad

and other, more difficult times I have had.

I want to remember the loved ones gone

and cherish the loved ones still going strong.

With gentle tears, I recall goals not executed

resolutions formed for which I was unsuited.

Altruistic schemes, though constantly willed

Somehow just never quite were fulfilled.

In despair, I wonder, did I do any good,

or only didn’t do things that I should?

If I were my friend, I would admit to compassion,

deeds done well and done nearly to my satisfaction.

My duty I have done, my responsibilities are met,

I tried to be a friend and paid every debt.

What talent I possess, with gratitude I used

To leave others with their situations improved.

So the year winds down and it is similar to most,

Things done poorly or well and not worth a boast

In sorrow, I look back and cannot make a change,

only look ahead and plan for a much better exchange.

The new year approaches amid exuberant fanfare,

though unfinished with this one, I now bid it farewell.

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