March Newsletter Poetry Corner: Birdie, birdie

Birdie, birdie ~ By Vea Anna Hooker

Birdie, birdie, on the ground, sing for me your beautiful sounds.

Birdie, birdie, on the tree, waiting for a lunch that’s free.

Birdie, birdie, you look hungry; I’ll try to find you something crumbly.

Birdie, birdie, on the dish, tell me please, what do you wish?

Birdie, birdie, for more you ask, and flick your tail with lots of sass.

Birdie, birdie, on the pole, you look at me with eyes of woe.

Birdie, birdie, on my porch, taking some warmth from the torch.

Birdie, birdie, on the bowl, waiting for someone to distribute the dole.

Birdie, birdie, eating my seeds, accepting my charity because of your need.

Birdie, birdie, on the rail, spitting shells out of the pail.

Birdie, birdie, taking flight, what was it that gave you such fright?

Birdie, birdie, on the wing, the songs are beautiful which you sing.

Birdie, birdie, flying by, could I fly too, if I just tried?

Birdie, birdie, on your nest, thank you for staying. You make me blessed.


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