April Newsletter: Spring


By Richard McGee

You’ve been inside the house for months now. The walls confine you, and yet protect and comfort you, the coffee cup your constant companion. Some days you peek through the blinds to see the outside; but mostly the windows stay covered, keeping out the dreary cold and wind.

You find it difficult to concentrate on the book you’re reading as your mind wanders. You ache for a lazy summer day lying on the beach towel getting a tan. You can hear the water lapping at the shoreline and see the nymphs in their tiny swimsuits strolling in front of you. You shiver slightly as you worry if you can even fit into your own swimsuit this year.

Wake up. It’s now spring. Time to go outside and greet the world again. Flowers are full of buds and on the brink of exploding into myriad hues and fragrances. The sun is rising earlier and so should you. Push away that lethargy and take a walk. The birds have come back and are rejoicing in melodies. Find a new friend to share the fresh colorful world with. It’s spring and time to rejoin the living.


April Newsletter Writers/Readers Quick Snack: Peeps Popcorn

Peeps Popcorn

Submitted by Vea Anna Hooker

2 tsp butter
2-3 cups popped popcorn 1, 5-piece package of Peeps Instructions:

  1. Cook your popcorn. (I actually prefer to make stovetop popcorn—tastes so much better!) Remove any unpopped kernels. If you prefer the microwave kind, be sure to get the crispy white or tender white, NOT buttered flavors, which just get soggy.
  2. Melt the butter in a saucepan over low heat. Swirl the pan to coat.
  3. Add the Peeps and turn heat to medium, stirring until the marshmallows are melted and the mixture is nice and smooth. Keep stirring while they are melting, or the sugar will scorch.
  4. Pour the melted mixtures over your popcorn and gently stir with a silicone spoon.
  5. Dump the sticky popcorn out on waxed paper to cool. Be careful—the marshmallow gets very hot and can result in burned fingers!
  6. Spread the popcorn out to cool and then break into chunks, or form popcorn balls.

Peeps come in so many pretty spring colors, you can make several small batches for a colorful assortment. If using, one bag of microwave popcorn yields around 12-14 cups of popped popcorn, and therefor five to seven batches of sticky yummy, gooeyness.

Break up into small chunks and mix up the colors for an adora- ble spring Easter party snack!

Store any leftovers in an airtight container. If you have any leftover:)



April Newsletter Poetry Corner: Red Impatiens Wait for Me

Red Impatiens Wait for Me

by Jody Bailey Day


The red impatiens shriveled up today

And all but gave up hope

That I’d remember.


Their leaves clung bravely to the stalk

And hopeful buds strained

flowersTo hold their color.


When I finally saw their thirsty faces

And knew that they were

Near a drying end,


I left the sustenance of squash and

The needy green tomatoes

For the water hose.


The sweet red maidens will give to me

Another day or two of glory

For my eyes


And while I tend the required food

In the square kitchen garden

I’ll remember



Used by permission Christian Devotions Ministry


April Newsletter: April is National Poetry Month

April is National Poetry Month—Richard McGee

Since 1996, April has been celebrated as NationalPoetry Month. The Greek word “poem” just means a madething. As an artist uses colors to portray emotions, a poet uses words to make us think more deeply about meanings and ideas.

Everyone should try writing a poem. It doesn’t haveto rhyme or follow a specific iambic sequence. But it should evoke images and emotions in our minds. A poem forces the poet to stand back and look at his subject intensely to find a meaning for himself. The poetry reader should open his mind to enjoy or even revel in a unique look at a part of his world.

As you begin April with new spring projects, try to read a poem a day to enjoy new experiences.