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August Newsletter Member Spotlight: Darlene Sanchez


Member Spotlight: Darlene Sanchez

Darlene Sanchez is a mother of three, grandmother of two, who returned to Fort Stockton in 2011. She writes science fiction and children’s books, and is a Star Trek fan forever.



Spotlight Feature Article by Darlene Sanchez

Macha’s Day ~ How a pet goes through one day in her life.

Macha stretched her 30 pounds of German Shepherd body awake. The Mistress was awake and moving about. It was time to wake the kids for school. Fully awake, she leaped to the side of her Mistress as she headed for the first bed room.

“Okay, girl. Wake them!” the Mistress commanded as the door opened and the lights came on. The little Mistress squealed as Macha landed on her. Though she was only six-months old, Macha was big for the twin bed.

“Time to get up!” said the Mistress. “Get dressed.” She turned and called. “Macha, let’s get him.” Macha jumped from the bed and ran to the young master’s door. The Mistress opened it and turned on the lights. “Time for school!” She shouted as Macha leaped on this bed. The young master grabbed her and laughed as Macha licked his face.

“Macha, outside,” called the Mistress. Macha ran toward the back door that the Mistress held. She did need to go do her business. After, she started sniffing around the fenced-in back yard. She stopped as tantalizing smells came over the fence. Her mouth watered as she smelled someone’s breakfast cooking.

     “Macha!” The young master!

     Macha pulled herself away from the scents and trotted back inside. Her food and water bowls were now filled and the family was seated at the table eating. She watched for a moment.

     “You have your own, go,” commanded the Mistress.

Macha, dejected, headed for her bowl and started eating. Soon, everyone was running back and forth. Macha watched as the young master put books into his bag and headed for the door.

“Stay, girl.” He said at the door. “I’ll see you after school.”

     Macha whined as the door closed behind all that went out. Her head tilted as the car started and pulled away. She waited by the door for a while longer then headed for the young master’s room. She sniffed the made bed, as if to make sure he wasn’t hiding. Then, as she had begun when she arrived, she made her rounds of the house. Starting with the young master’s, she checked every bedroom in the house. She gave the bathroom a wide berth. She remembered the baths they gave her in that room. Her last stop was the back door. After making sure nothing was amiss, she went to her cushioned bed and lay down to wait for the Mistress. Her wait was satisfied when she heard the car pull up and the engine stop. Macha eagerly waited by the front door. After the mistress had entered, greeted the pup, and put up purse and keys, she began to clean. Macha sat and watched as she had when she arrived those many months ago.

     “You know, girl,” began the mistress. “I’m glad I don’t have to spend my days alone anymore.”

     Macha wagged her tail. She knew the mistress was talking to her.

     “Okay. Let’s go and see what we have to do today.” The mistress headed for a room that Macha found kind of crowded. Macha watched as the mistress made the funny smelling thing on the desk hum. It smelled of electrical current and, she learned when she licked it one time, it was funny cleaning stuff.

     “I’m going to work now. You can stay if you want, but no barking.”

     Macha wagged her tail at the sounds the mistress made toward her. She picked out a spot where all the mistress did was seen. Macha had learned when the mistress said ‘no barking’, she meant it. Time passed and soon Macha was dozing in her spot. The mistress worked on the thing and moved around the room. Sometimes the telephone would ring and the mistress would talk. Macha had gotten used to those things now.

     Soon, Macha woke up. She needed to go out and she let the Mistress know by slowly going to the door and, as she had been taught, scratching. The Mistress said, “Good, girl,” as she opened the door. Macha did her business and started exploring the back yard again. She suddenly stopped as a scent came to her. The cat from the alley. Macha slowly stalked toward the shed in the very back. The scent came from there. She put her head close to the ground and made her way until she saw him. The alley cat was a large battle-scarred, orange tabby. He had gotten the best of Macha when she first arrived, but she was bigger now. She growled a warning that sent him flying, hissing and spitting over the fence. Macha gave him a huffing snort as he returned a growling spat. Macha heard laughing coming from the house.

     “Macha, one of these days, you are going to get scratched again,” the Mistress said, still laughing. Head high, Macha walked back into the house, did her rounds before heading back to her place in the Mistress’ work room.

     “Macha, you are a good dog,” the Mistress said as she sat down.

     Macha wagged her tail in response. She laid her head on her paws. She was happy here and she was very comfortable. This was her home.

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