Fun Tidbits and Facts

December 2019 Fun Tidbits and Facts

First Sentences

Here are some first sentences of National Novel Writers Month participants:

“The parliamentarian droned on, and Tavin didn’t bother to hide his yawn.” Renee Gaylor

“I just made it home before the sun began to rise.” Sarah Shuttleworth

“Thomas raised his eyebrows when he saw them in the same vehicle and Tori’s sitting where it had obviously spent the night, but refrained from making a comment.” Vea Anna Hooker

“It was here that my condition didn’t matter.” Sarah Hamilton

“Ayala looked around the forest and wondered what was happening.” Frances Armstrong

(In homage to Lucy Maud Montgomery’s one sentence first paragraph in Anne of Green Gables…)

“Janalyn Renee Brooks lived just where the north Kirbyville highway widened from one lane to two, framed in tall pine trees tangled with yellow jasmine, and graced by a pond that had its source from an underground spring that ran beneath the pasture between her house and the old Harrison place; it was famous for sustaining the brambles of dewberry bushes that formed an intricate maze that extended into the woods, with shady hiding places for rabbits, children, and sometimes snakes, depending on the time of year; but by the time the bushes reached Brooks’ Repose, they were an orderly, well-trimmed and maintained source of jams and jellies, for not even a dewberry bush could grow on Mrs. Brooks’ three acres without proper respect and reverence; they probably knew that Mrs. Janalyn was sitting at her window, keenly observing the activities that occurred, from ponds and dewberry bushes and children irregardless, and that if she decided anything was out of order, she would not settle for it until she had sorted out the reasons and rhymes thereof.” Jody Bailey Day

“Reality can be a different experience for everyone.” Rachel Nix



Things Heard at Meeting

“I’m an old man but I still have a lot to learn.

“Nobody has any time in November.”

“I’m not even old and it’s happening to me!”

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