January 2020 – First Snowfall



Screen Shot 2020-01-09 at 11.48.48 AM.png

It’s the hush I love so well. Snowfall mutes the everyday sounds by trapping the noise and gently ushering it to earth. Like a mother soothing a crying baby, snow swaddles sound and lulls it to rest.

Only with new snow can you hear the echoes of children’s laughter from afar, while the sounds of the city are muffled. A church bell’s ring comes drifting on crisp air and the wind itself is but a whisper.

Yet, in the tranquil peace you can watch yourself breathe by the frost you emit. Your nerve endings are wide awake due to freezing conditions. You can hear your heart beat, and your pulse thump. You have a deeper sense that you are alive. You’re in closer touch with your mortality than you might ever be, again. Be still and feel yourself live.

Take that single breath of icy air. Rejoice. Winter has come and the first snow has fallen.

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