Fun Tidbits and Facts

September Newsletter Fun Tidbits and Facts

The very scholarly page4image1796000result of Critique Café’s

Writing for Children Workshop…

The prompt given: “An author must do many things to create a book that a child would want to read.”

The list by Anonymous

The author must…

  1. Have been a child at some point in their life.
  2. Realize that children have evolved since “Dick and Jane.”
  3. Don’t use “dick.”
  4. Characters must have some kind of superpower, and wear a cape.
  5. No romance—Yuck.
  6. Include dogs…that wear capes.
  7. Memorize everything that rhymes with “poop.”
  8. Include a fat kid tamed “Tiny.”
  9. Don’t let Harvey Weinstein do the movie.
  10. HobbitsinSpace—TryThat.

(In defense of Anonymous. “It was late. Sorry.”)

dick and jane


Things Heard at Meeting

“How do you get over brain block?”

“I’m going to Put Scott and Bailey to bed.”

“He can’t be here tonight, he’s going through puberty.”



Mission Statement – The mission of Critique Café Chatter is to spotlight the talents and writing efforts of the mem- bers of Critique Café Fort Stockton Area Writers Group. Contributing members of this newsletter hope to reach out to others within the community who enjoy creative writing and the literary arts. In the spirit of our sponsor H. Edward Petsch Arts and Music Memorial Fund, we are striving to stimulate the arts within the Fort Stockton, TX area.

Fun Tidbits and Facts

August Newsletter Fun Tidbits and Facts

Screen Shot 2019-08-15 at 12.55.43 PM.png
West Texas After the Rain—Photo by Jessica Ontiveros



Things Heard at Meeting

                                                                 “Using my education against me.”

                                 “It has lots of nano fluff.”                                                                             

“A crazy lady accosted me.”

                                                                                 “Was it aliens?”

“Have a fight, get drunk, do something.”

                                 “How do I get out of this?”

Fun Tidbits and Facts

July Newsletter: Water Carnival History

Screen Shot 2019-07-23 at 2.33.34 PM

Fort Stockton’s Water Carnival is back after 2018’s cancellation because of necessary repairs. This year’s theme is “The Crystal of Comanche Springs” written and directed by Genna Young, Reba Subia and Taryn Johnson. The date is July 18-20.


The early days of the event was the brain child of the Fort Stockton Lions Club in the late 1930s as an effort to bring recognition and tourists to the area. A huge celebration was planned by a large committee with the goal of an event so famous that Fort Stockton would become a resort town.


Events included band concerts, golf tournaments, horse racing, a beauty review, swimming, diving, rodeo, and dances. Over the years several celebrities have been included in the event. Local, district, and state candidates were invited to speak. Attorney General Price Daniel and Senator H. L. Winfield crowned the beauty queens in 1949. Movie star Chill Wills crowned Miss Fort Stockton in 1955, and John Ben Sheppard did the honors in 1957. The United States Navy flew two Naval officers to Fort Stockton to serve as judges for the Bathing Review. Country recording star Johnny Rodriguez crowned Miss Fort Stockton in 197

2018 is not the only year the event was cancelled. The show ceased during WWII for 4 years, and again in 1951-53 because of low water levels.

Fort Stockton is proud of its Water Carnival, one of it’s longest standing traditions.