August Newsletter Poetry Corner: Pearl Light

Pearl Light

by Jody Bailey Day


The light slips pearl-like

Through the window in my room,

The soft, first light of day…

Hallowed time, a moment

Before the coming noise,

The quiet, first light of day…

The Dove sings His songdove

Of love into my heart,

The precious, first Light of day…

Father whispers to His child

His way of life and Word,

The Holy, first Light of day.




August Newsletter Poetry Corner: To My Guardian Angel

To My Guardian Angel

By Frances Armstrong

When my life was shrouded in darkness you brought me light,

When my mood was black, you brightened it.

For this I have to thank you, my Guardian Angel.

You showed me that no matter what happens, there is still love to be found.

You took my broken spirit and you cared for it,

Showing me that not all was lost.

You made me believe in myself, when all hope was gone.

Thank you for being there and supporting me when I needed it the most.

And most of all, thank you from the bottom of my heart for loving one as dark as me,

And showing me there is still hope.

Guardian Angels were said to be nonexistent,

But that is wrong.

I have proof right now that a guardian Angel exists,

And that is you.

You who always gives me and others a hand when we need it most,

You that always puts others before yourself.


August Newsletter Poetry Corner: Insomnia


By Vea Anna Hooker


Hello computer, my old friend –

I’ve come to waste time with you again.

Because I sat to check out just one thing.

Now its two, and I should be sleeping.

But the vision that was planted in my head

Is the latest thing the meme artists said.

And the sound of scrolling.


So many pictures of the babies sweet,

And of relationships, before they cheat.

All the quizzes that people want their friends to take,

So we can compare results for heaven’s sake.

If you love God, then say this prayer,

And copy all your friends or else beware.

I hear the sound of scrolling.


Yet another story to make me cry

And lots more products that I need to buy.

I listen to a small angel voice sing,

And skim a recipe for chicken wings.

I give that awful post a “frown”

Then finally I shut it down.

And now, no sound of scrolling.

Member Spotlight, Poetry

May Newsletter Member Spotlight: Rachel Nix

Member Spotlight: Rachel Nixscreen shot 2019-05-08 at 10.14.32 pm


Rachel Nix is another “invisible” member of Critique Café. She first became a part after winning a poetry contest the writer’s group sponsored. She lives in Fort Stockton with her husband Wayne and 7 children. They own Pecos County Cleaning, and Rachel is a homeschool mom, Children’s Church teacher, and choir accompanist. Next spring she’s beginning her Bachelor of Science in Nutrition. In her spare time she writes poetry, enjoys photography, reads, paints, learns dance with Wayne, plays piano, goes to the gym, does yoga, tennis & collects elephant decor & classic movies (30’s, 40’s & 50’s).



Spotlight Feature Article

The Summer Sands of Time

Long before I awoke, summer sands of time were spent.

Her hands the dough met firmly, the bread was swiftly sent.

Left outside their door now softly, the moon still shining bright,

She left her gift of love to them and escaped into the night.

June’s sun came quickly rising,

Their hunger forgets the storm;

They never knew my mother was the one that took this form.

screen shot 2019-05-08 at 10.14.18 pm