August Newsletter Poetry Corner: Pearl Light

Pearl Light

by Jody Bailey Day


The light slips pearl-like

Through the window in my room,

The soft, first light of day…

Hallowed time, a moment

Before the coming noise,

The quiet, first light of day…

The Dove sings His songdove

Of love into my heart,

The precious, first Light of day…

Father whispers to His child

His way of life and Word,

The Holy, first Light of day.




June Newsletter: Shug

“Shug” ~ By Jody Day


Screen Shot 2019-06-12 at 1.43.31 PM     My dad sat me on his lap the night before my first day of school. “Keep your mouth shut. That way you’ll know everything you know, and everything they know, too.”

I didn’t listen. But it’s a wonder I got a word in edgewise, because he loved to talk and tell stories. Born in Louisiana, the family eventually settled in Jasper County, Texas. They had a maid named Arvetta, and she gave Daddy the nick-name “Shug” as in “Sugar.” Dad talks about being just a tyke standing on a box flipping burgers during the depression. He had an ornery streak. Their Christmas stockings were full of fruit and nuts, and maybe some penny candy. Daddy would wait until everyone ate all their goodies before he started on his. His siblings would beg for a piece, and he loved saying no and having them all watch while he ate his. Such a nut!

He had debilitating asthma but joined the army anyway during WWII. He ended up in Hawaii, where most of his pictures show him on the beach. Not bad, but they had to send him home. His brother was killed two weeks before the war was over. Daddy didn’t talk about it much.

He worked for the railroad, but multiple sclerosis made him a stay-at-home dad, while my mom worked as a telephone operator. He loved to cook and make lunch bags full of goodies for my grandchildren. He would throw his head back and sing his favorite song. “Down in old Joe’s bar room, at the corner ooooooof the square…”



My dad always told me I could do anything I wanted to do if I worked hard at it. He was right. He gave up drinking, and then smoking in his later life. He loved to freak the grandkids out by taking out his teeth. Happy Father’s Day, Daddy. We all miss you.


April Newsletter Poetry Corner: Red Impatiens Wait for Me

Red Impatiens Wait for Me

by Jody Bailey Day


The red impatiens shriveled up today

And all but gave up hope

That I’d remember.


Their leaves clung bravely to the stalk

And hopeful buds strained

flowersTo hold their color.


When I finally saw their thirsty faces

And knew that they were

Near a drying end,


I left the sustenance of squash and

The needy green tomatoes

For the water hose.


The sweet red maidens will give to me

Another day or two of glory

For my eyes


And while I tend the required food

In the square kitchen garden

I’ll remember



Used by permission Christian Devotions Ministry


February Newsletter: Marriage Banned!

Marriage Banned! By Jody Bailey Day

It’s true. Emperor Claudius the Second actually banned marriage in the third century, A.D. He thought married men made bad soldiers. The nerve!

A Roman priest, named Valentine, must have been a true romantic, or a stickler for Biblical laws. Either way, he didn’t think it was fair, and began arranging marriages in secret.

Claudius found out about it and threw the priest in jail, sentenced to death. The legend goes that Claudius fell in love with the jailor’s daughter. This doomed prison romance is the stuff of a tragic Hollywood movie.

On February 14 poor Valentine sent his love a letter as he was being led to the gallows, signed simply, “Your Valentine.” Where’s the tissue?

The regular holiday didn’t come about until the year 496. A Roman festival took place in the middle of February called Lupercalia. Boys drew names of girls from a box, and they would pair off during the festival, and sometimes they got married. Valentine would have loved it.

In later years the church wanted to make Lupercalia into a Christian celebration and combine it with a remembrance of the sainted Valentine. St. Valentine’s name became used to express affection. Happy Valentine’s Day!valentines


November Newsletter Writers/Readers Quick Snack: Crack Crackers

Writers/Readers Quick Snack—Jody Day

Crack Crackers

1 box saltines
1 package Ranch dressing mix 1 cup vegetable or canola oil 4 TBLS. Red Pepper flakes

Place all 4 sleeves of crackers in a large bowl that has an air- tight lid. In a separate bowl, mix the oil, dressing mix, and pepper flakes, then pour over crackers. Stir well, secure the lid and turn it every few hours or so. Adjust the red pepper flakes if you don’t want it too hot.